How are we being Green

As part of our Commitment to our clients, TelcoGreen has taken the following steps to be as Green as we can:

For every service added, we plant a tree!

Over 10% of our net earnings are donated to sustainability and other worthy causes.

• Special discounts are given to environmental and other not-for-profit organisations.

• Priority is given to other Local and/or Green-conscience Suppliers & Providers.

• Electronic waste is reduced by reusing hardware by means of accepting a deposit instead of selling.

• In order to reduce paper usage,clients are encouraged to switch to emailed bills, use a 'Fax to Email' Service and to 'think before they print' an email.

• Staff are encouraged to work from home, thus reducing petrol usage and carbon emissions created by driving to and from the office.

• Head Office has solar panels, collects rain water, uses recycled envelopes when sending mail, prints on 100% recycled paper, endeavours to minimise waste as well as separating it into compost, recyclables and general waste.

• No plastic bags policy.

• Happy to do barters.


What more can we do? Please let us know! :-)